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How Smart is Your Dog?

Most people are interested in how intelligent their dog is. While there are predictable differences based upon the dog's breed (for example, Border Collies are a lot smarter and more trainable than Bulldogs), there is a lot of variability within each breed. This means that some Border Collies might be rather slow-thinking, while some Bulldogs might be college material. There are some well-documented tests for the general mental abilities of dogs (such as the one described in my book, The Intelligence of Dogs), and all such tests include measures of a dog's memory.


How to Potty Train a Dog

Potty training dogs is not very easy, but everyone who shares their lives with dogs must do it. How to house train a puppy is slightly different than how to house train a dog, but the tools, routines and human commitment levels required to do it well are the same.

Chart for Top Poisonous Foods for Dogs

It’s no secret that logs love food and most dogs are especially interested in the food that we are eating.  But just because a certain food is healthy for us, doesn’t mean it is safe for dogs to eat.  It may actually be toxic and even poisonous to your dog, which would pose a serious threat to their health and well-being. Why? Because all animals have very different rates of metabolism, which is basically the process of breaking down food and turning it into energy. 

Don’t be fooled, the effects of food toxicity in dogs aren’t always obvious, which can lead many people to assume that certain foods are okay or safe for their dogs when, in fact, they’re anything but.


Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Classes and Evaluators Near Me

A goal for nearly every dog owner is to have a dog that is a joy to live with. This is a dog who is well-mannered at home and in the community.

The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program provides a perfect starting point in training for ALL dogs (mixed breeds and pure breeds alike).

Your local AKC dog club should be able to provide you with the information you need to find or join CGC training in your community. Some AKC obedience clubs offer “Canine Good Citizen” classes. Other clubs, while perhaps not having a class specifically named CGC, will cover all of the CGC skills in a basic obedience class.

Because some AKC all-breed and specialty (for one breed) clubs provide training classes even though “obedience training club” is not a part of their name, when you are looking for training, all-breed and specialty clubs may also be a good resource.

CGC Evaluators are excellent resources for telling you about the training in your area. Even though an evaluator might not offer training classes, most evaluators could direct you to the training that was available in your city.


Quiz: How Strong Is Your Bond With Your Dog?

Take This Quiz to Find Out How Well Bonded You and Your Dog Are